The APRM is a tool for ensuring good governance and has many benefits for Africa and for Zambia but it can only work if there is participation from every concerned citizen in whatever way they are able.

There are many ways to partcipate in the APRM:

1. Know more about the APRM:

The first step is to understand what the purpose of the APRM is and the benefits that it hopes to achieve. You can find out more by downloading documents about the APRM from the Action and Resources section of the website or visiting the Zambia APRM Secretariat at the Ministry of Justice_____________________________

2. Get Involved

The APR process has 5 stages, in which there many ways for you to get involved. The APRM Secretariat uses several methods of consultation from public conferences, citizen surveys, formal invitations to make written submissions and parliamentary hearings. Look out for information in the press regarding opportunities to participate.

3. Stay Connected

Join our Facebook group to get frequent updates about what is new about the APRM in Zambia and to give your input into discussion of key issues that affect Zambia.

The APRM is about participation for all; government, political parties, churches, NGOs, private sector, marginalised groups like women, youth, the disabled, refugees- basically everyone coming together to find the best solutions to ensure development.

This is the most clear way for every person to get involved because Every Voice Counts!