About Every Voice Counts!

Every Voice Counts! is a new campaign lead by the National Governing Council (NGC) of the APRM in Zambia , with the objective of raising awareness and increasing participation in the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) .

Targeted at the general public, the campaign is intended to increase knowledge and awareness around the 4 thematic areas of the APRM:

  • Democratic and Good Political Governance
  • Economic Governance and Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Social Economic Development

The specific objectives of the campaign are:

  • Provide knowledge and information to all Zambians and other interested parties with general information about NEPAD and the APRM to help facilitate active and meaningful participation in the processes.
  • Re-enforce the importance of the role that all Zambians and other interested parties play in contributing both to the credibility and informational quality of the peer review process.
  • Increase awareness that the APRM provides a window of opportunity for enabling public discussion on issues on the national agenda and for all Zambians to influence policy and translate policy to credible commitment.