Benefits of the APRM

The APRM is a tool for ensuring good governance and has many benefits for Africa and for Zambia.

1. Widescale Participation in Governance

The APRM is a transparent tool and it can only work if there is participation from every concerned citizen in whatever way they are able. There are many ways to partcipate in he APRM such as getting information, taking part in a public hearing and so on.

2. Monitoring and Accountability

For any organisation or country to run effectively and efficiently, there must be monitoring and accountability. The APRM provides for both self monitoring and peer review, holding nations accountable not only to the people but to the African continent as well.

3. Shared experiences and capacity building

The APRM encourages learning from peers, and capacity building where necessary. If the country self-assessment report has identified problems, in a country report, the APR Forum will suggest ways how the problems can be handled. Also through country reports there is sharing of "best practices" so other countries can adopt policies that have worked in similar environments.

4. Plan of Action provides clear indicators

Having a Plan of Action which is developed during the APRM process means that there are clear and measurable outcomes. This will be a good tool for all stakeholders to ensure that governments are on track.